how it works

the process

the process

You’re ready to start your journey – but how long does the fostering process take in Merthyr Tydfil and what can you expect?

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the first step

The first step towards becoming a foster carer in our town couldn’t be simpler. It all starts with your initial enquiry. By filling out the contact form below, calling us or sending an email, you’re starting your journey. It might not feel like much yet. A tiny step. But an incredibly important one.

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the home visit

After making your enquiry, you’ll hear from us – usually within one working day. That’s when we start the process of getting to know you.

Then, we’ll come and visit you at home. Or, if this isn’t possible, we’ll arrange a virtual (video) visit instead. This is how we can start to build up a relationship with you, start to understand the people who matter most to you, and find out where you call home.

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the training

We begin building up your knowledge and skills early. This first training course takes place over three days and is known as “Skills to Foster”, or sometimes “Preparation to Foster”.

You’ll learn a lot about fostering, and this will help you make sure it’s the right path for you. You’ll forge a lot of new connections too. As well as meeting members of the Foster Wales Merthyr team, you’ll meet fellow foster carers who are also just starting their journey.

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the assessment

Don’t think of this as a test. It’s actually a gradual process, which involves learning all about what fostering will mean for you, and gathering all the information we can. It’s a chance for you and your family to find out more about what being a foster carer means. To ask any questions, large or small, and to talk about anything that might be on your mind.

Assessments figure out how your family works, with all its strengths and vulnerabilities, and are carried out by skilled social workers. Everything we learn helps to paint a picture of how your fostering future might look.

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the panel

All the information gathered in the assessment goes forward to the panel. This group of people don’t exist to give you a red or green light – instead, they make recommendations about what kind of fostering might suit you best.

Every Foster Wales team has a panel, made up of both social care workers and independent members. They’re knowledgeable, experienced, and they look at each potential foster carer as an individual.

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the foster care agreement

Once the fostering panel have met and provided their recommendations, you’ll be given the foster care agreement. This is what sets out exactly what it means to be a foster carer – it includes all your daily responsibilities, as well as the wider support and guidance you’ll offer.

The agreement also serves the important role of outlining everything we offer as your fostering agency: training opportunities, rewards, and our dedication to offer all the support and guidance you need.

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